The Northern Lights

“Awe-inspiring, magical, breathtaking, spellbinding, mesmerising”, these are a few of the words used by our clients to describe the Aurora Borealis or – as they are more commonly called – the Northern Lights. In fact, no amount of words or, indeed, images could ever do real justice to the Aurora. It is, to my mind, one of Mother Nature’s most spectacular natural phenomena – if not the most spectacular – and it’s hardly surprising that it’s on so many people’s wish-list.

The very first time I witnessed them for myself I was literally speechless. I just lay, silent in the snow, captivated by this truly amazing spectacle unfolding before my eyes. The only noises that I could hear were the faint sound of a reindeer bell tinkling in the distance and the sound of the my own breathing. It was a wonderful experience and one that will live with me for a lifetime. Since then I have been fortunate enough to have seen the ‘Spirits in the Sky’ many times and I think that it’s fair to say that I’ve become somewhat addicted to them. The beautiful thing is that they are always different. Sometimes they come in spirals, at other times as ribbons or bands, always varying in speed, colour and intensity. In order to fully appreciate the magnificence of this natural light display it simply has to be experienced first- hand and, believe me, it’s something that’s well worth braving the elements for.

We very much look forward to welcoming you on one of Northern Lights and Arctic Nature adventures.

Andy Keen

Northern Lights Spiral, Andy Keen

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Aurorahunters - In Pursuit of the Northern Lights

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The maximum number of people on each of our tours is 9. The reason that we do this is because we’re then able to offer a far more personal and intimate experience for our guests.

The Ultimate Lapland Experience

Northern Lights

December 28, 2018 – January 2, 2019

Location: Swedish Lapland

Your Feedback Matters

Andy Keen is an affable chap who I met whilst directing a film about the Aurora Borealis for BBC’s Learning programme ‘Little Stargazing’. We chose Andy to be our ‘on-screen’ guide due to his experience and local knowledge of the Northern Lights. He couldn’t have been more helpful to us in our endeavours, setting up authentic indigenous outdoor experiences for the children and their fathers in addition to hunting out the lights. It was a real adventure and one of the best filming experiences I’ve had – which went on to be nominated for a BAFTA. Andy is a warm, approachable and friendly person who has a genuine enthusiasm for life and the natural world. He loves what he does and it shows. Get ready for some jaw dropping moments that you won’t forget in a hurry.

Janine Finlay
Janine FinlayFreelance director, BBC Scotland

Andy Keen and his team of Aurora Hunters are a group who are consistently able to find the elusive Aurora when others cannot.   Their dedication and willingness to go the extra “Mile  / Kilometre” make them the Team to be with when searching for Auroras. They will leave no stone unturned in trying to get clients to be in a prime position for viewing.   I have been with Andy four times in the last four years, and am delighted to say they have a 100% record and on every trip we have had at least one night. Last week was typical of my experience with the great people from Aurorahunters, constantly willing to get us to see the Aurora, and did so on 3 out of 4 nights, and with fantastic results. Thanks Andy and Team, you did a fantastic job.  A very satisfied customer who will be back again (and again).


On our last night Andy and Alex put in 110% to find the aurora and they did. Given the cloud conditions they pulled out the stops to get us the shots.


Andy lives, sleeps and I’m sure dreams auroras and his total dedication resulted in a very successful trip. Thanks Andy


A truly awesome experience in the most challenging of circumstances. If you’re contemplating heading north look no further than these guys – you won’t be disappointed!


This trip has been amazing, the whole team were excellent, helping with our cameras and providing help throughout. I have been on a trip with the Aurora hunters before and that too was excellent and I can honestly say that I hope to book again in the future.


Almost against all weather ours we found the northern lights. It was amazing. Magnificent. Andy and his team are competent, friendly and fun to be with.


I have travelled widely and have had many and varied life experiences and this rates among the best.


Excellent tour. The auroras are beautiful. Thanks for the Aurorahunters team for making my dreams come true.


This company’s sole Mission is to show you the Aurora Borealis and caters particularly for serious photographers showing them how to get the best from their expensive equipment. Don’t be put off though if all you want is to see the illusive Lights but don’t fancy your chances of achieving your dream from a cruise ship or luxury hotel. Andy and his expert team will hunt out your prey for you and are excellent companions as a bonus.


It was an amazing and unforgettable way to celebrate my birthday and the New Year. Well done to Andy and the team for making it happen.


The tour delivered more than I expected, from the start of the trip till the end. I was sad that the trip ended! Andy Keen and his team are immensely helpful and fun! On the first night of the Aurora hunt, we were treated with amazing display, thanks to Andy’s experience and knowledge. But on the second night, we were simply blow away. Andy took us to watch the most incredible display of Auroras in the most beautiful backdrop. I couldn’t ask for more. Andy and team, you’re tops! Thank you so much for this unforgettable experience. I loved everything about the trip- hotel, food, your team and the activities. I’ll definitely travel with you again!


So what a wonderful time in Norway 1000’s of pictures of the lights , they really are truly spectacular , awe inspiring and we were so lucky to see them on all three nights , mind you as Andy Keen said you make your own luck , he uses real time cloud cover images to find the holes in the clouds , if it’s a 2 hour drive well so be it , he also uses a solar monitor app and with his vast experience of predicting what’s happening he was “spot on” with when was the best time. I was fast asleep one afternoon when there was a knock on the door ,” come on we have to go now ” so dinner had to wait , which the chef was none too happy about on new years day with a four course meal to cook . So if you ever fancy seeing the lights I can honestly say you will never find a more dedicated and knowledgeable hunter to maximise your chances. Thanks Andy, Alex and Alan and of course all my other fellow hunters a very memorable and I would have said once in a lifetime experience , but of course this is not going to be the last. I am going out again in March.


Highly recommended wonderful friendly team and staff and an amazing experience.


Andy and his team are superb in their knowledge of Aurora hunting, i would definitely recommend anyone to experience this amazing phenomena, especially with Aurora hunters.


Being a natural phenomenon, an Aurora sighting is never guaranteed but hunting it with Aurora experts increases your chance. We enjoyed sightings on all three evenings, despite challenging conditions on the final night. Their passion for the Aurora and the beautiful Lofoten Islands is contagious and someone was always on hand to provide photographic support or answer questions. Seeing the Aurora is a magical experience – seeing it on the beautiful Lofoten Islands, with people who are dedicated to maximising your experience is incredible! Thanks guys – a fantastic way to start the new year!


If it is something that you have wanted to do then make it happen and simply just do it. Andy and the other leaders make it an unforgettable experience. Totally amazing.


A fantastic package not only for the Aurora Borealis but also stunning scenery and wildlife – not to be missed.


It was an excellent trip. We were lucky that we saw an exceptional aurora, but the team were determined to find the best place for us whatever happened.


Aurorahunters were brilliant and they made sure we saw the lights every night.

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