Andy Keen

Andy is a professional nature photographer, and independent film-maker. He is also the original founder of Keen on Adventure / Aurorahunters, which was formed way back in 2011.

Although he very much enjoy most aspects of photography, he has a specific interest – that being “chasing” and photographing one of our Planet’s most spellbinding natural phenomena, the Aurora Borealis. In fact he’s spent the past decade doing just that.

Andy has been extremely fortunate to have witnessed and photographed the “lights” on many occasions, and has spent easily in excess of 8,000 hours under the them. During this time he’s accumulated many thousands of images, some of which have been featured in many leading publications around the globe including National Geographic, Sky & Telescope Magazine and the Guardian and Times newspapers, for example. He has also been published on the front page of on a number of occasions, and a selection of his images were included in the best Astronomy pictures of 2012 by the highly regarded Sky & Telescope magazine.

Andy also worked alongside the UK’s BBC TV in the making of a TV documentary pertaining to the Northern Light, “Little Stargazing”. The documentary subsequently went on to become runner up in the prestigious BAFTA awards. Moreover, he also assisted both French and Belgian TV on similar projects, as both a contributor and fixer.

In addition to the above, Andy has also done a great deal of work for Charity. He was the former Chief Executive and Founder of the Neuropathy Trust (1998-2014), which was a UK based registered Charity that provided support and information to people who are affected by peripheral neuropathy and neuropathic pain. The organisation assisted many thousands of people around the world. Moreover, he has personally raised in excess of £2 million pounds (Sterling) for charitable purposes.

Alex Keen

Alex Keen has been actively chasing and photographing the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in Sweden, Iceland, Norway and Finland since the age of 16, so now has over 7 years experience in the field. He very much enjoys sharing his passion and knowledge for the Northern Lights and Arctic nature with people from all over the world. Moreover, he absolutely thrives in the environment, an environment which he describes as his “spiritual home”.

Alan Napier

Alan liked his first Great Aurora Hunt so much he joined the Aurorahunters team. Alan and his family had travelled to Scandinavia (Lapland) with Aurorahunters for the first Great Aurora Hunt. “We had a fantastic time and were just amazed by the Northern Lights – and the adventure itself with Andy. Travelling as far as the Norwegian and Russian borders we thoroughly enjoyed the trip and took some memorable photographs”.

Now in his sixth season of aurora chasing with the team, Alan has driven in the north of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland in pursuit of the Northern Lights, often in temperatures as low as -40°C. “It’s worth every kilometre to hear our clients’ reaction on seeing the Aurora” says Alan. “As a photographer for many years I enjoy helping clients with all levels of experience to photograph the Aurora and Arctic landscape, with compact cameras through to DSLRs”.